Wednesday, February 22, 2012

paris: planning a wishlist

Happiness experts always say that the thing that makes you most happy isn't the gift you receive, or the trip that you're on, or maybe even the boyfriend you land--but everything leading up to that moment. Thinking about what it will be like. Planning what you are going to do. Creating all your expectations. [I guess, in the end, then, it makes sense that the actual act itself isn't going to make you happy--can it really live up to all your thoughts and dreams?!] Well, maybe one thing can. A surprise spring trip to Paris.

I'm lucky to have a boyfriend crazy enough to make this a reality.
madewell top, jcrew flats, and converse hightops
But even while I start jotting down plans, and cutting out articles with all the shops I'm planning to visit filled with all the things I'm itching to buy, I always find myself thinking about what I need to buy NOW to be perfect for THEN. Like, all the striped tees and comfy shoes I can find and a few kitschy accessories.
fluffyco tote and luna & curious tights

Don't even get me started on what I plan to buy THERE... [or let's at least save that for another day]

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